Relationship Building

Last week I was a little more personal in my post and saw a very positive result so I figured I would continue that this week while I share a little more about how the Law Office of Kristine J. Williams, LLC operates.

I am going to reveal something about myself that I typically try to hide: I am a Highly Sensitive Person. I have always struggled with harmonizing the negative connotation that being highly sensitive conveys with the unique benefits I know it provides. Being highly sensitive means I am aware of the subtleties in my surroundings, intuitive, conscientious, genuinely concerned about others, and very good at tasks requiring vigilance, accuracy, and the detection of minor differences. See Aron, Elaine, The Highly Sensitive Person: How to Thrive When the World Overwhelms You. New York: Broadway, 1997. All characteristics that make me an amazing attorney.

I know its cliché, everyone talks about relationship building as the key to marketing, but as a highly sensitive person, building relationships is a part of who I am. I thrive on getting to know people and understanding them on a deeper level. The Law Office of Kristine J. Williams, LLC fosters relationships by:

(1) Meeting face-to-face.

Meeting face-to-face allows both parties to evaluate whether the attorney-client relationship will be a positive experience. Not only will I be able to obtain a better understanding of what you need but you will also get a feel for who I am. If I feel I can competently represent you on your matter, I will send you an engagement letter. If you determine I am the attorney you want to work with, you can return a signed engagement letter. By meeting before any commitments are made we can avoid unnecessary headaches that may result from a later realization that the representation is not a good fit.

(2) Offering a flat fee structure.

With a flat fee structure you have peace of mind knowing exactly how much you are going to pay for your legal services when you sign the engagement letter. An important element of building a relationship is continuous and open communication. With such communication both parties can be fully informed throughout the legal representation. You should feel comfortable contacting me at any time to ask questions, inquire about the status of you matter, and update me on new information. With a flat fee, you will not need to evaluate whether your question or comment is worth the extra charge that would show up on your bill under a hourly fee structure. Additionally, I can take the time that I feel I need to complete high quality work without the added pressure of watching the clock to keep your costs down.

(3) Providing high quality work product.

Another layer of relationship building at the Law Office of Kristine J. Williams, LLC is providing you with work product you are happy with. I have very high standards and know my mistakes can result in negative consequences for both you, as the client, and myself, as your attorney. Therefore, you will receive thoroughly researched, edited, and perfected work.

Overall, at the Law Office of Kristine J. Williams, LLC it’s all about building a relationship, providing you with high quality results, and ensuring you are happy with your experience working with me. If you would like to start a discussion, please contact me at or 920-655-0487!

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